Our Mission Statement
Rick and I would like to welcome you to Fox Ridge Mountain Horses.  The preservation of all mountain horses, Rocky Mountain Horses, Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses, Mountain Pleasure Horses and Spotted Mountain Horses, is of the utmost importance to us.  Our focus is meeting the requirements of our clients and their horses by first accessing each horse's individual abilities.  Through natural horsemanships training methods, each horse will have the opportunity to achieve its' ultimate potential.

While working with these wonderful animals, it is also our wish to create strong friendships with our clients and to share our knowledge to help them build better relationships with their current horses and future prospects.

Thank you for visiting us.

Laurie Quincey and Rick Bohrer

1057 Byrd Ridge Road           Home (606) 768-4028      
Denniston, KY  40316              Cell (606) 484-0433

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